Why you should care about Digital Marketing services

Internet population is growing at an exponential rate propelled by factors like de-regulation in the telecom sector, increased use of social networking sites, adoption of e-commerce, and daily deals portals trading goods and services in economical way, etc. So, to tap the growing Internet audience, marketers are now exploring opportunities to connect to them through digital mediums like the Internet, search engines, email, social, mobile, video etc.

The digital medium has radically and irreversibly changed how we consume media — gone are the days of passively surfing through channels and idly flipping pages. Marketing, therefore, has to shift from sequential thinking to radial thinking, accepting thought blurbs from anywhere. Networking giant Twitter says the future belongs to three forces — real, rapid and relevant. It points out to the case of car wash companies in Argentina. In that country, people preferred to keep their cars spic and span. But car wash makers were finding that business was dropping.

digital marketing services

The culprit – technology. Every time people caught the weather forecast and found that it was going to rain, they postponed their car wash. It says that every time a person tweets, marketers have 65 data elements to capture. Many companies globally have been able to use this to make product improvements. The result is that the brands managed to reduce the number of disgruntled tweets and reduce customer churn by as much as 50 per cent within 90 day. These all things shows that you should care about digital marketing services to be a big player in the market.

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