Online PR Agency in Jaipur

Webtech Solutions is a leading Online PR Agency in Jaipur providing its services in affordable price. Online PR is very similar to traditional PR, Online PR involves activities on the internet using online channels.  It includes search engines, forums, blogs, social networks, discussion threads, news search and other various communication tools. If you hire an online pr agency, it focuses on brand management and brand reputation monitoring by various methods. On the other hand tradition PR referring to traditional media like TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, etc.


Who are with Online PR?

  • Bloggers: Personal and Professional
  • Websites of Brands
  • Social Media Users
  • Directories and Organizations
  • Web Searchers
  • Exhibition, awards and events


You can easily find the various agencies providing these services but you should know that there is a wide variety of tactics and each agency approaches online PR differently. The tactics generally use by agencies are creative writing, community management, customer relation, SEO, social media, web design and more.


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